The Refuge Spa was created as a tool for your recovery so you can get back out and rise. Rise above the stress, the noise, the pressure, and live life to its fullest. You aren’t going to be a stress statistic. Instead, you’re going to take time to take care of yourself so that you can get back out there and be your best. 

This isn’t just a luxury - it’s a resource. Whether you’re here to reward yourself for all your hard work, because you need a good laugh with friends, or because life has been beating you up and you need some relief, this is your place to rest, recover and rise above it all.


We all know that stress runs rampant in our world. It steals our sanity, our joy, and ultimately, our ability to bring our best.

We get it and The Refuge Spa was created to make a difference. We believe the spa shouldn’t be seen as a once-per-year luxury that you “treat yourself” to. It’s a powerful tool that helps thousands every year push the pause button on life so they can get a little time to regain their strength.

The Refuge is a modern-day spa built for modern-day life. With the unique combination of express and full-service treatment options, you have the ability to fit the spa into your schedule…even if it is just for 15 minutes. We want to meet you where you’re at and inspire a lifestyle of self-care. We want to help you re-think the spa as a powerful tool for getting the most out of life so you can stop letting stress get the best of you and get the regular rest and recovery you need.